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comfortB bags are making a comeback, and they’re bigger, cooler, and more comfortable than you remember. You can get more sizes, shapes, colors and materials than ever before to help you add a funky, laid back vibe to your creative spaces and lounge areas. Adults and children alike can appreciate the supreme comfort of a cushy, over sized bean bags for watching movies, reading, or taking a nap.
Gone are the days of bean bag that only come upholstered in vinyl. At B bags, you can now find a nearly limitless range of durable and comfortable fabrics & leather. Everything from fluffy angora fabrics, to animal prints, to cozy flannels with logos from your favorite sports teams is available.
One of the best updates to newer bean bag is the variety of sizes. There are small chairs meant for one cozy kiddo, typical sizes that fit an adult, and even gigantic, super-sized bean bag that the entire family can share.

Have it shipped conveniently right to your door, avoid the crowd moving in mountains of gear, and look brilliant.

Add a quirky and comfortable element to your living space with a new bean bag. The fantastic range of sizes and styles means that the perfect relaxation spot is waiting for you.

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    How did you hear about us?
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